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08 Jul 2016
Teacher tip of the day
Survive an attack at the school

Teachers to you. Tomorrow is Monday, so that you must work. Are you currently ready for tomorrow? Perhaps you have thought ahead or created a anticipate what you should do if there is a shooting your school?

It�s been postulated �Failing to get ready is getting ready to fail.� Unfortunately we cannot require that you can deal if the shooting happens. Exactly like basically was put into a classroom and it was told to train common core math I might be useless. We will be supplying you with some tips that could be prepared for what can happen in the case of a shooting in your school.

Survive an attack at your school
We all know you don't want to take into consideration your school being attacked. It's man's instinct to feel safe and place that out of your mind. Each time a school shooting happens in fact it is everywhere in the news we believe about this non-stop but then we allow it to go slowly slip out of our minds. Teachers feel nothing is they are able to do automobile intruder has their school but I'm here to say that there are something that can be carried out. We're going to help you build confidence and subdue some of the people fears. Like everyone else inform your students, knowledge is power.


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